Galician Pie Festival of A Bandeira
Galician Pie Festival of A Bandeira

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Very close to Santiago: Silleda

A gastronomy event declared a Galician Tourist Festival in 1999. The festival has been held since 1974 and is one of the most popular in Galicia. It stands out as the first in promoting such a typically Galician product, and due to the singularity of the events organised by the Association of Galician Pie Friends and registered clubs (almost 150).

2015 events: Opening speech. Competition-tasting. Awards ceremony. Bidding for winning pies. Dinner for club members. Esmorga Folk Festival featuring traditional music.

The festival consists of a pie competition in the categories of restaurants and housewives, which goes through the phases of product presentation, selection of short list, tasting and scoring by an expert jury. It ends with bidding for the prize-winning pies, followed by consumption in groups of persons organised into “Peñas” (clubs).

The festive day features different popular events with music band performances, regional dance and traditional music groups, as dictated by the organization’s statutes.

Proof of the importance acquired by the festival is the price attained by a prize-winning pie, up to almost 3,000 euros, as well as the words of those giving the opening speech, who praise the excellences of a product with its own identity. It is worth mentioning outstanding cultural celebrities such as Camilo José Cela or Alfredo Conde and political figures such as Manuel Fraga, XerardoFernándezAlbor, XoséCuiña, José Luis Barreiro… As well prestigious journalists, such as Fernando Onega, María Rey, PilarCernuda, Pepe Domingo Castaño, José MaríaCarrascal, Luis Rial… and celebritites from the world of film and theatre such as Carlos Blanco, Luis Zahera, MelaCasal, Gloria Herrero, Xacobo Pérez and many more.
Another important feature is the design of the promotional poster, made by famous artists, especially Saavedra PITA, a great supporter of the festival, and the painters Fondevila and Marisa Miguélez among the friends of the municipality’s Galician pie.

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Carballeira de Silva e Valladares (A Bandeira), Silleda
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