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Very close to Santiago: O Pino

The “Festa do Galo Piñeiro e Mostra Cabalar,” declared a Festival of Galician Tourist Interest in 2010, is held every year on the first weekend in August in the village of Pedrouzo (Arca).

The annual programme of events begins with the opening of the market and sale of chickens and hens of the “Piñeiro” breed; there is also a competition with prizes, awarded by a professional jury, for the best specimens of this breed.

The traditional lunch that his held at midday features “Piñeiro” chicken.

The “Mostra Cabalar” (Horse Fair) is held in the afternoon, with different exhibitions featuring Galician and crossbred horses. Spanish thoroughbreds of different ages also participate and compete for the prize of best horse. A special prize (“Fáisca”) is awarded every year to the best Spanish thoroughbred born and raised in Galicia. The fair comes to an end with different carousels and horse-riding displays, high school dressage, etc.

The Celtic Fair is also held on the same weekend; the streets of Pedrouzo are decorated in Celtic style, with the participation of numerous residents in period dress. The fair features more than forty artisan stalls, with a variety of trades such as leatherwork, pyrography, ironsmiths, Celtic games or jewellery, and a lot more, which are accompanied by different street shows.



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“Festa do Galo Piñeiro”, “Mostra Cabalar” and Celtic Fair “Festa do Galo Piñeiro”, “Mostra Cabalar” and Celtic Fair

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Praza de Forcarei, Pedrouzo - Arca, O Pino, 15821
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