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The Gundián viewpoint provides views of a magnificent natural setting.

What stands out first of all is Paso da Cova, which arises when the south slope of Pico Sacro, which features a 4-kilometre-long vein of quartz, is cut through by the River Ulla, with Monte Castro on the other side. The result is a unique and singular site, a magnificent narrowing of the river down to 4 metres wide between two vertical 50-metre-high walls along a distance of 14 metres. This pass is now crossed by a railway bridge, the old Gundián bridge and a modern bridge for the high-speed AVE train; it stands out as the only terrain south of the River Ulla belonging to the province of A Coruña.

According to legend, there used to be a large lagoon upriver. As the story goes, hidden among the rocks near the present-day Paso da Cova, there was a 14th-century monastery of the Templars (of which no trace remains). Tradition adds that the monks of this monastery of San Xoán da Cova perforated the mountain to empty the lagoon, thereby giving rise to this narrow pass.

Today, both the Gundián Viewpoint and the Campo de Gundián Recreational Area enable us to enjoy this marvellous natural setting.

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Gundián Viewpoint

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A Ponte Ulla, Vedra, 15881