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The chapel of Santiago, located in the village of Outeiro in the parish of San Pedro de Vilanova (Vedra), was built in the 18th century. It is a small church erected on the site where, according to tradition, the event involving the oxen used to transfer the Apostle James’ remains took place.

Beside it is a small baroque fountain that was moved to its current location in 1724 from a spot higher up. It features, sculpted in relief, the legend of the Dragon, related to the sagas of Queen Lupa. It also bears an inscription mentioning the transfer of the Apostle James’ body. At the centre of the fountain there is a representation of the Apostle, bordered by his disciples Teodoro and Anastasio. According to some authors, these two figures came from Santiago Cathedral’s former Romanesque choir, made by Maestro Mateo.

A few metres from the chapel, we find the last hostel on the “Vía de Plata” Route before reaching Santiago de Compostela.


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Chapel and fountain of Santiaguiño

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Outeiro, San Pedro de Vilanova, Vedra, 15880
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