Estatua da Queixeira

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Statue made by Arzúa Town Council in 1984 as a tribute to the Arzúa region’s female cheesemakers. The artwork was made in granite by the Compostela sculptor Fernando García Blanco and placed at the town’s main entrance opposite the town hall intersection. The statue rests on slate slabs and depicts a female cheesemaker wearing a traditional costume, headdress and a scarf on her head, sitting on top of a box and offering a cheese in her hand, while she has several more covered in a cloth in a basket in front of her.

It bears a plaque that reads: “Tribute from Arzúa Town Council to the region’s female cheesemakers 1984.”

The artwork reminds us of the Cheese Festival and serves to exalt the virtues of this product. It is therefore one of the most reproduced sculptures in different formats in Arzúa, in ceramic or small stone statues, in paintings and photographs.

Every year, hundreds of pilgrims have the opportunity to see and photograph it, and during the Cheese Festival a lot of people buy ceramic souvenirs of the cheesemaker (especially painted on Sargadelo dishes or similar).

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Calle Lugo 16, Arzúa, 15810