Fonte do Carme

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In Padrón, beside the bridge of Santiago and very close to the Convento do Carme, we can stop at the Fonte do Carme to sip some of its natural water.

The fountain was built by Pedro de la Barcena in 1577 and consists of three sections. The first one features the “Virgen de los Dolores,” the protector of women in labour. In the central section there is a depiction of the Apostle James’ body being brought to this region by his disciples. And in the upper section we can see Queen Lupa being baptised by the Apostle James.

It was reconstructed in the 18th century, as indicated in the inscription surrounding its arch, which states that it was rebuilt during the reign of Carlos III, when Juaquin Foxi Bendaña was mayor in 1789. Inside the fountain there is a plaque indicating that the honourable Manuel de Sanlocar, bishop of Sidonia, granted 40 days of indulgence to all those devoutly praying a Hail Mary before the virgin’s image.


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Calle Peregrinos , Padrón, 15900