Church of Santa Eulalia de Vedra

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The parish church of Santa Eulalia de Vedra is located on a high spot dominating the entire valley, accompanied by a stone cross and a fountain at the foot of the atrium. The main chapel’s altarpiece stands out; it is from the end of the 18th century and is the work of the Santiago sculptor of Italian origin, José Gambino. He also made the image of St. Eulalia, the parish’s patron saint. The other two altarpieces are slightly older and were made by Francisco de Moas, who belonged to the school of Miguel de Romai. They are found in the two chapels at the sides of the naves and their main themes are the “Virgen de los Dolores” or “Virgen de la Soledad” in one case, and Christ tied to the column, accompanied by other images, in the other.

The historian and archaeologist Antonio López Ferreiro was the parish priest in this church from 1866 to 1871.


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Avenida Mestre Manuel Gómez Lorenzo 24, Vedra, 15885
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