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This is the best-known “pazo” in the municipality of Touro. It was founded at the beginning of the 18th century and features a chapel in the Galician baroque style.

The “pazo,” also called A Casa Grande de Andeade, has all the characteristic elements of “pazo” constructions: coat of arms, chapel with an 18th-century Compostela altarpiece, dovecot, washhouse, ornamental fountain, spacious gardens, oak grove and entrance bordered by rows of plane trees. It was restored in 1995 using original materials and noble wood, and is now used as rural tourism accommodation and the venue of events and banquets.

How to get there
Pazo de Andeade is located in the parish of the same name, and in the village of Casa Grande. It is easily reached from Touro by way of the AC-240 road, on the way towards Arzúa, passing through the parishes of Touro and Quión. In the latter, you take the CP-0605 road towards Turces that passes in front of the “pazo.”


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Pazo de Andeade

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Lugar de Casa Grande, nº 1, Santiago de Andeade, Touro, 15824
Present use

Rural tourism accommodation

981 517 359