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Built overlooking the canyon of the River Tinto, Pazo de Faramello makes up a spectacular natural and architectural setting. Its origin lies with Galicia’s first paper factory, established in 1710. It is worth highlighting that this is the last “pazo” on the Portuguese Road and the Mar de Arousa Route, in addition to other peculiarities that can only be found in a place like this.

The “pazo” features a chapel consecrated in 1727, classified along with the “cruceiro” (stone cross) as a Monument of Cultural Interest. This vaulted gem in Galicia’s rural baroque style houses an impressive altarpiece by José Gambino.

The old wine cellar is now used as an exhibition hall.

Its gardens and natural surroundings help to make Pazo de Faramello a unique place.

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Pazo de Faramello

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O Faramello, Santa Mariña de Ribasar, Rois

BUS SCHEDULE (Castromil-Monbus) coinciding with the guided visits


* Santiago (Bus Station)-Faramello
- 10 am.
- 11:30 am.

Faramello-Santiago (Bus Station)
- 2 pm.
- 4 pm.


* Santiago (Bus Station)-Faramello
- 10:00 am.
- 11:30 am.

Faramello-Santiago (Bus Station)
- 3:01 pm.

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