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The Pedrón is a Roman altar stone that was the mooring place used by the boat bringing the Apostle James’ remains to Galicia from Palestine, accompanied by his disciples Teodoro and Atanasio. This important element of Jacobean culture can be seen under the high altar of the Church of Santiago, in Padrón, which was erected beside the River Sar in 1133 by Archbishop Xelmírez.

The Pedrón gave rise to the town’s name and its front features an inscription translated by some authors as “To Neptune the Iria Forum with its money”.

All that remains of this first building is a stone, located in the side of the door facing Paseo del Espolón, with the following inscription: “Dominus Eclesia Procurator edificavit in era MCLXXI,” i.e. “The procurator of the church built in the era MCLXXI.” After this building disappeared, a Gothic one was built by Bishop Lope de Mendoza, of which a pulpit carved out of a single stone remains. The present-day neoclassical building was constructed in the 19th century.

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