Monasterio de Carboeiro

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The Monastery of Carboeiro is one of the most characteristic monuments of Galicia’s medieval style, with architecture ranging from Romanesque to the transition to late Gothic. Its style is influenced by Compostela’s artistic expressions, specifically by Maestro Mateo’s work on Santiago Cathedral. It currently houses exhibitions and has been chosen as a location for several films.

The monastery, which reached its greatest splendour in the 12th and 13th centuries, can be visited  on one’s own or as part of a guided tour (booked in advance), which takes us back to the Middle Ages to discover milestones such as its construction or the monks’ way of life. Its surroundings feature spots of great scenic value, such as the Botanical Trail and ethnographic elements from inland Galicia.

OPENING TIMES: Closed on Monday


GROUPS: Check conditions

ADMISSION FEE: Current entrance: 1€. Reduced entrance (retired people, more than 65 years old, ages children from 6 to 14, students, unemployed): 0.70 €. Less than 6 years and members of ‘Instituto de Conservación Museística’ are free. Open day: 25th of July, 18th of May and the festivity day of San Lourenzo de Carboeiro.

LANGUAGES: Galician, Spanish

+ info: 986 580 000 / 986 581 028 / 


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Santa María de Carboeiro, Silleda, 36546